Converter for BIOPAC files
18 Jun 2012

BIOPAC2NSS is an application developed by NOTOCORD® to extract data from ACQ files into NSS format for use with NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution software platform.

ACQ file format is the proprietary file format of AcqKnowledge and Biopac Student Lab software while NSS is the proprietary file format of NOTOCORD-hem™. 

The BIOPAC2NSS converter window is very easy-to-use and allows simultaneous conversion of multiple files into NSS format, saving time and avoiding numerous repetitions of the process.

BIOPAC2NSS converter window


Analysis configuration can be loaded in the newly converted files for display and analysis of data from Biopac (ACQ) files in NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution.

The converter uses the BIOPAC File Format API 3.1 for Windows, a software library provided by BIOPAC with the following limitations as it:
- can only retrieve data saved with the following BIOPAC software products, non-compressed and not GLP:

  • AcqKnowledge 3.7.0 to 3.9.1, 4.1, 4.1.1, and 4.2,
  • Biopac Student Lab 3.7.0 – 3.7.2,

- can only retrieve data from files containing stored channels of the same length and sample rate,
- does not convert the Journal of the ACQ file.

BIOPAC2NSS is functional only with NOTOCORD-hem™ Evolution (4.2 and above) installed on the computer.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and Client Profile are mandatory to run BIOPAC2NSS converter.