Call it HEM5!
20 Dec 2011

NOTOCORD is proud to announce that we are currently developing a complete new software package, code name HEM5. This new platform is part of a dynamic creative process dear to NOTOCORD since its creation.

An on-going innovative process

To understand how this project fit in our global vision let's go back in time to see the major steps that marked NOTOCORD's success.

NOTOCORD was created in 1989 and at first developed separate applications such as ANAP, PLS, APA, JAD or PRX for pharmaceutical research. The first automated module for left ventricular pressure analysis was released in 1992.

From this date, NOTOCORD has gone through all Windows® versions (from 3.1 to 7) and never stopped innovating, creating new online & automated modules and interfaces fitting requirements of the life sciences research.

HEM3.0 in particular was a first milestone with the concept of graphical configuration containing modules connected with wires in 1997.

NOTOCORD-hem 4.0, released in 2004, was a second milestone with the NSS file format merging both data (GPS) and configuration files (CFG). NSS file has truly simplified GLP/21 CFR Part 11 compliance, as well as the archiving process.

The diagram below retraces NOTOCORD software history (click on the image for full view).

Full view

HEM5, a promising future

HEM5 will be a breakthrough compared to our latest platform, NOTOCORD-hem Evolution® 4.3.

One of our objectives is to maintain what has been building our success, while blowing out almost all current limitations. Several innovative features will be added for enhancing user experience during data acquisition, analysis, visualization, reporting, and archiving.

The global software architecture is going to be redesigned on a new development environment to offer a simpler way of managing data at all stages of the process or to provide new ways to interact with the configuration as well as with the raw and computed data, in real time and after acquisition.

Data accessibility is also a priority; we are planning to allow multiple users to read and edit data at the same time, in a highly-secured environment precluding data conflicts. Straight and clear external interfaces will be designed to communicate with databases or external software, or with your own home made development.

Be prepared to enter in the new NOTOCORD’s world of data acquisition, analysis and reporting !