Arrhythmia detector published in JPTM !
4 Jul 2012

NOTOCORD® is happy to announce the publication in the Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology Methods of an article describing the characterization of ARR30a, NOTOCORD®'s arrhythmia detector.

"A new software application named ARR30a was developed for fast automated detection in preclinical studies, for the five major arrhythmia types, namely sinus pauses, atrial beats, junctional beats, ventricular beats and type 2 atrio-ventricular blocks (AV-blocks II). The purpose of this study was to characterize the performance of ARR30a in large and small animal species."

► Koeppel F, Labarre D, Zitoun P. Quickly finding a needle in a haystack: A new automated cardiac arrhythmia detection software for preclinical studies. JPTM 2012.

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Check out the teaser video featuring ARR30a, our arrhythmia detector, and RME10a, our Reference mark editor for arrhythmia detection !