2015: What is the future of telemetry?
18 Jan 2015

Konigsberg Instruments (ITS) announced its closure last October. Since then, NOTOCORD has continued to support all customers using such technology.

What is the future of telemetry in 2015 without this key player?

NOTOCORD wishes to reintroduce its two main partners: DSI and TSE (Stellar Telemetry), helping you perform your telemetry experiments while continuing to use NOTOCORD-hem. Data collected with DSI and Stellar Telemetry implants can be processed with NOTOCORD® modules for cardiovascular, neurology, and respiration studies.

NOTOCORD-hem is compatible with DSI PhysioTel, PhysioTel HD and PhysioTel Digital, providing dedicated acquisition servers (DSI60a/b/c/d and  DSI70a/b) for DSI implants up to 16 sources. A new DSI71 series expected by mid of 2015 to replace both current acquisition servers.

NOTOCORD-hem is also compatible with TSE Systems devices, through STE10a, a dedicated acquisition server for Stellar Telemetry implants that connects up to 8/16/32 implants. All the data come through one receiver.


NOTOCORD-hem can be connected to multiple telemetry platforms. Our Sales team will be glad to assist you in developing replacement strategies.

Related NOTOCORD-hem products

Acquisition Servers  
DSI60a/b/c/d DSI OpenArt 4-/8-/12-/16- source acquisition server
DSI70a/b DSI PhysioTel Digital acquisition server up to 4/8 devices
STE10a TSE Stellar Telemetry acquisition server
Video recording  
MON10a Remote monitoring of video data streams
Video Remover Removal of video for fast and light-weight archiving
VME10e/v Edition and validation of ECG analysis / with synchronized video
VSB10a Video stream broadcaster for remote monitoring
VSH10a/b 4-/8- channel video acquisition server


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Note: Series M will be supported in 2015 by DSI70