Matt Skinner 

Director of Vivonics Preclinical

“I have used NOTOCORD in various companies since 1999 for data acquisition and analysis in preclinical cardiovascular safety assessment studies, both telemetry and short term anaesthetized investigations.

I would describe NOTOCORD-hem as a sophisticated software system with the flexibility to allow analysis of all kinds of physiological signals.  The interface is very user-friendly and the ease with which data can be extracted is a great feature. The ability to review on-line data during recordings is a particular strength of NOTOCORD-hem - this is not possible with all applications. 

The interface is also extremely easy to navigate.  Setting up complicated configurations is simplified with the graphical display where connections can be made with a click and drag of the mouse.  I also like to see the raw signals during calibrations which, again, is a feature that appears to be quite unique to NOTOCORD. The dynamic link from the software to Excel gives the user tremendous flexibility when it comes to analysing data and enables QC-checking to be performed efficiently.

 I am also impressed with the NOTOCORD Support Team. The engineers are very attentive and have always responded within 24 hours. They have been able to solve any issue I have presented them with.

I would recommend NOTOCORD-hem for its intuitive interface, convenient data analysis process and the excellent customer service provided.”