Evan Nunez

Senior Research Associate

I have been using NOTOCORD-hem for in vivo preclinical drug development for the past year.

NOTOCORD-hem is a highly customizable tool for data acquisition in the lab. We are able to organize the software setup via specific acquisition, analysis, and display modules configured to the particular needs of the experiment.  At Ferring Research Institute, we use NOTOCORD for many different in vivo assays which is a key advantage as when a user becomes familiar with the software in one particular setting, this knowledge readily translates to other NOTOCORD assays.

Unlike most other laboratory data acquisition software, which is tailored to a very specific application or experimental setup, NOTOCORD-hem’s strength lies in its versatility in that it can be configured to suit a broad range of applications.

The support engineers are one of the best features of NOTOCORD. Their staff answer questions quickly and will go out of their way to develop excel macros, templates and other creative solutions to address more complex issues with experimental setup.

I would highly recommend NOTOCORD-hem to anyone looking for customizable in vivo data acquisition software with broad applications and an excellent support staff.