They trust NOTOCORD

NOTOCORD is recognized as a leading provider of data acquisition, analysis and reporting solutions. We value our customers' opinions. Discover why they trust NOTOCORD.

 Jeff Powers | Temple University, Philadelphia

 PhD, Laboratory Manager

“I have found NOTOCORD-hem to be very user-friendly in our studies. Some of the features 
that I have found to be important are the ability to filter signals offline, switch from digital 
to analog inputs, and add on additional modules based on the specific requirements 
of individual projects.”​

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 Evan Nunez | Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland

 Senior Research Associate at Ferring Research Institute

 “I would highly recommend NOTOCORD-hem to anyone looking for customizable in vivo
data acquisition software with broad applications and an excellent support staff.” 

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 Matt Skinner | Vivonics Preclinical Ltd, United kingdom

 Director of Vivonics Preclinical

“I would recommend NOTOCORD-hem for its intuitive interface, convenient data analysis process
and the excellent customer service provided.” 

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H. Gerd Hoymann | Fraunhofer (ITEM), Germany

Head of Airway Pharmacology

"We are extremely happy with the NOTOCORD support team, who has always helped us effectively to resolve our problems."

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Bernadette Hamon | Sanofi, France

Head of Operational Unit - Safety Pharmacology

"I highly recommend NOTOCORD-hem as it is for me the most user-friendly software in the cardiovascular field."

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Eric Delpy | Biotrial  Pharmacology, France

Director of Non-Clinical Operations

"I would describe NOTOCORD-hem as an accurate and reliable software. It is also very user-friendly and its interface is pretty intuitive."

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Nicoletta Garbati | Aptuit, Italy

PhD, Scientist, Cardiovascular & Respiratory Safety Pharmacology Safety Assessment Preclinical Biosciences

"NOTOCORD-hem is intuitive and logical compares to similar ones and the staff behind it is really careful to fix problems when needed."

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Dietmar Hess | NMI TT, Germany

Head of Safety Pharmacology Unit

"Data extraction from raw data, via the Excel interface, is particularly easy to handle and saves time..."

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Frank Cools | Janssen, Belgium

Scientist, Translational Sciences

"I was impressed how, compared to present standards, small data sets were handled fast and efficiently."

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Stéphane Milano | WilResearch, France

Chief Scientific Officer

“The NOTOCORD Usergroup is a great opportunity to be updated about what is going on in the field of data software.”

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Kim Hoagland | MERCK and Co, Inc., USA

Research Fellow, Safety and Exploratory Pharmacology

"We have been impressed with the customer service which has allowed us to maximize our use of the software and get excellent solutions."

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Nicola Fasdelli | Aptuit, Italy

Head of Cardiovascular Pharmacology

"The use of NOTOCORD-hem Evolution provides a powerful method to facilitate data interpretation by enabling simultaneous review of cardiovascular telemetry data and video images."

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Liomar Neves | CorDynamics, USA

Senior Scientist

“We upgraded from NOTOCORD-hem 4.2 (working on XP) to 4.3 (working on W7) for an Isolated Heart system. NOTOCORD adapted its methodology to our different needs. The impact analysis has been very helpful in the validation process. Definitions were very clear and we much appreciated the level of details provided in the documents. A specialized and dedicated contact helped us focus on the most critical points needed for the next steps. Thanks to the NOTOCORD Upgrade Validation Assistance service, we saved precious time.”